The Lagos Yacht Club, located at Magazine point, near the Army Mess Office on the beautiful Island of Lagos in Nigeria, was founded in the year 1932. The Club is located right across the bridge leading to Victoria Island. Magazine Point was an ideal location for a sailing club not only because of its picturesque scenery but also for its convenient location.

Sailing as a sport and a pastime, was introduced to Nigeria in Lagos around the turn of the century. The earliest photographs dated 1907, show enthusiasts standing by their gaff rigged boats, clad in long trousers and jackets and wearing the obligatory topees, on the very spot where the Club now stands. The Club archives contain photographs of boats, housed in covered sheds and captioned ‘Lagos Sailing Club 1907’ but there are no proper records until October 1931.

The first meeting of the Lagos Yacht Club was held on 4 October 1932 at the Ikoyi Club. A committee was formed and the fee was set for the annual subscription. The first annual general meeting was held on 13 October and the officers of the club were appointed. The first Regatta was held on 29th October and on 31st October the first Sailing Committee was appointed and numbers L1-L9 were allotted to the boats.

Membership of the Club was soon boosted by a surprising and very welcome number of enthusiasts from the Railway. Boats were manhandled over the sand beach on rollers to a bamboo and thatch shelter. It was some more years before the club was able to finance a concrete hard with hauling gear and some sort of Club House.

Over the years the Club has been fortunate enough to have good leaders and careful managers. Initially only the committees were the Main Committee and the Sailing Committee. As the Club Property became more substantial and facilities provided were expanded a House Committee was formed in June 1968.

Yacht racing is an exhilarating experience but like most sports you need to know what you’re doing. If you have the ‘need for speed’ and water is your element, then the Lagos Yacht Club is the place for you.