The Lagos Yacht Club mission is to “Promote and encourage the sailing and racing of sailing boats”. If this fits your profile, then the LYC is for you.
Easy instructions are provided which will help you become a probationary member in no time, and after meeting your initial requirements you can be elected to a full member.


The LYC has several categories of membership to suit your requirements
Membership Type: Individual Membership
Joining Fee: 250,000 Naira
Membership Fee: April - Sept Naira 142,000 and Oct - Mar Naira 142,000 every 6 months
Corporate Memberships are available to qualified organizations


Be nominated by 2 members of the Lagos Yacht Club, you may already know them. Since cash is not exchanged within the club and all charges are billed to your prefunded account, it is recommended to have an initial credit of 50,000 Naira for Bar & Kitchen, which should be paid during membership and replenished as needed.


Click here to download your LYC Application Form. Fill the form and submit it at the LYC office.