Racing and Sailing

From its foundation in 1932, the Lagos Yacht Club has always been primarily interested in racing, with cruising as a secondary activity.

We are exceedingly fortunate in having a warm, equitable climate and only on rare occasions are races canceled due to heavy storms or lack of wind.

Racing mainly takes place on Saturday afternoon as well as on most public holidays and once on a month in the late afternoon on a Wednesday late.

The course for the race is set by the Sailing Secretary and run by the Officer of the Day (OOD) with most races being held either in the Harbour, Creek or Offshore.

LYC also organises a number of special events which are usually combined races of longer duration than one afternoon. The most famous of these is the Badagry Race an overnight 140km race recognized as one of the longest inland waterways race in the world – an adventure!

National Championships for each of the four main classes of boats namely Hobie 16, Lightning, Tarpon and Laser is held on an annual basis with the winner qualifying to represent Nigeria at the World Championships.

Come discover the joy of sailing at LYC!